Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers


Summer Solstice has just passed and the countdown is now back on to the shortest day of the year which rapidly leads us to the festive season.....


So is it too soon to think of Christmas? Ouch I hear you wince, how dare we mention Christmas in the summer! 


However it is a season that all too quickly arrives upon us and without careful planning can leave us feeling a little dishevelled somewhat stressed and desperate need of the break.


So are Christmas Crackers a must have feature of every Christmas Party, is a sit down meal really a Christmas celebration without the addition of a traditional Christmas cracker and how important are they to your guests?


Some disagree that the Christmas Crackers are not important and if you've ever cleared up a restaurant floor after a party you would probably argue not from the mess and waste left on the floor but what do your customers really think?

Have you ever asked them?  I think you would be surprised at the variety of answers you get and we would suggest that most would lean toward them being a must have to every festive event.


Christmas Crackers are now a traditional feature of every Christmas meal and a good talking point for guests to break the ice with cheesy jokes, conversations of how 'useless' or even in some cases 'useful' the gift, a measure off whether the Christmas spirit is high enough for the guests to have the courage to sport the silly hats and for some a measurement of the quality of the establishment.


If you plan them early enough you can budget them into the cost of your Christmas menu, ensuring you can account for the cost and not be left with an unexpected expenditure nearer the time.


·         Set your budget

·         Who are your target audience? – Adults, Children or both

·         Choose your colour scheme

·         Have time to look for special offers


We at Maddison's UK believe that they are an important tradition and addition to every Christmas Party.


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