Custom Printed Napkins

Custom Printed Napkins


Paper table napkins can be customised whether you want to advertise a new opening of your restaurant, advertise changes to your menu, promote seasonal specials or of course advertise and building your brand.

Bespoke printed napkins are a powerful and effective way of promoting your business and marketing your food outlet without spending a fortune.

Everything is down to personal preference; size, colour, quality and of course custom design.


Available Sizes;


We can print napkins in 3 different sizes,


24cm x 24cm (Cocktail) – These are usually used in bars and clubs for drinks.


 33cm x 33cm (Luncheon) – These are mainly used in restaurants, cafes and catering outlets for

lunch time meals.


40cm x 40cm (Dinner) – Again these are mainly used in restaurants, cafes and catering outlets for main dinner meals.


Available Colours;


Custom printed napkins are available in many colours, however the colours do vary with the size of the napkins, please see more information below;


24cm x 24cm – White, Cream, Burgundy, Red & Black


33cm x 33cm – White, Cream, Peach, Sky Blue, Indigo Blue, Pink, Sun Yellow, Burgundy, Red, Terracotta, Mountain Pine Green & Black


40cm x 40cm – White, Cream, Peach, Indigo Blue, Burgundy, Red, Mountain Pine Green & Black.



Napkin Quality;


Napkin quality is measured in ply’s, this means how many pieces of paper are put together to create the napkin. This does vary with the size of napkins; we offer a 2ply napkin in sizes (24cm x 24cm, 33cm x 33cm & 40cm x 40cm.) We also offer a better quality napkin which is a 3ply; however this is only available in the 40cm x 40cm size.


Once you have chosen all of the above you can get started! Firstly you will need to design and submit your artwork, once artwork is approved it will be sent to the printers and production will begin! The napkins should then be ready within 4-8 weeks.

If you need any further information on printed napkins please see our ‘Bespoke Printing’ page, or call one of our sales advisors on 01206 871872.