Polystyrene Cups VS Paper Cups

Polystyrene Cups VS Paper Cups


In this blog we aim to answer all of the frequently asked questions regarding using paper or polystyrene cups.


1) Do paper or polystyrene cups look more professional?

Many consumers believe paper cups look more professional; of course this is a matter of opinion and it is usually down to the design of the paper cups.

However most people are unaware that you can also purchase pre designed polystyrene cups, these look just as professional as the paper cups, and from afar you cannot tell that they are polystyrene.

There are a variety of designs available in both paper and polystyrene cups, or you could design your own custom print with your company logo and slogan.


2) Is custom printing cheaper on paper or polystyrene cups?

Custom print is available on both paper and polystyrene cups, the cost of the cups depends on the amount you have printed and also how many colours you would like printed.

 Polystyrene cups do usually work out cheaper, however the minimum order for custom printed paper cups is much less than the minimum order quantity for polystyrene.


3) Which cups are the best heat insulators?

Polystyrene cups are a second to none when it comes to insulating heat and on the opposite end of the scale great for keeping cold drinks cold.

Paper cups retain heat for a lot less time because they aren't as insulated as polystyrene.


4) Which cups are more cost effective?

Paper and polystyrene cups do differ quite a lot in price, the polystyrene works out a lot cheaper, even if you have a printed design foam cup.

Be careful when you purchase paper cups, you can purchase single or double wall cups. Single wall will always be cheaper than the double wall however they don't hold heat as long and you may also find customers using coffee clutchesnapkins or double cupping. This can significantly negate the original cost.

Double wall paper cups will be the most expensive option, however they do not burn customer’s hands and you do not need anything to wrap around them.


5) Are paper or polystyrene cups more comfortable to use?

Many paper cups are made too thin and when boiling water is poured into them you will find that they burn your hands and they will be impossible to hold.

The single wall are just one layer of waxed paper, if a customer takes a hot drink away they will need a coffee clutch which wraps around the cup, basically giving the cup a second wall.

The double wall paper cups are much better when it comes to holding them, they will still become warm but the customer should be able to hold the cup for a long period of time without it burning their hands and without using a coffee clutch.

Polystyrene cups are a good insulating cup therefore you can hold them for long periods of time and they will not burn your hand, no extra clutch is needed with polystyrene cups.


So all in all it is really down to personal preference but it is wise to consider all of the available options on the market place.


I hope this has answered any of your questions when choosing which cups to purchase, paper or polystyrene.


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