Kebab & Cocktail Sticks

Kebab & Cocktail Sticks

Kebab and cocktail sticks, perfect for use in bars, restaurants etc. Sold in wholesale quantites. Available on a next working day delivery. 

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Wooden Cocktail Sticks 80mm (Qty 1000)

Wooden cocktail sticks, 80mm long, pointed on both ends. Ideal for many catering needs. Perfect for restaurants, cafes and bars. Packs of 1000 or wholesale quantities available.
£1.60 *

Wooden Kebab Sticks 7" (Qty 200)

Wooden kebab sticks, bamboo skewers. Perfect for BBQ's, marshmallows or fruit chocolate fountains. Perfect for many catering oultelts. Pack of 200.

£1.85 *
Prices include V.A.T.