3 Reasons To Deep Clean this Winter

3 Reasons To Deep Clean this Winter




Keeping your children and employees safe from nasties in 2018 should be a top priority for school caretakers and office managers this winter. The chances are a number of those who spend time in your communal work spaces will pick up a sickness bug or influenza this winter so it’s vital the holidays are used to deep clean and start afresh in the new year. This can boost your attendance rate and reduce the chances of paying sick leave. Here are out top 3 reasons to get out the rubber gloves and disinfectant this festive period:


1.A fresh start for 2018. Nothing motivates staff and pupils more than a clean classroom or office. Using time off effectively can ensure workspaces are germ-free and smelling fresh. Why not update room with a fresh lick of paint to really make it sparkle? Ensure your store cupboard is filled with the essentials like multi-purpose cleaner, disinfectant wipes, buckets and mops and bin liners.


2.Decontamination. Avoid decontamination when children and/or staff are away at home. This gives you best chance to kill bugs and ensure they don’t return in spring term. This time last year, one school in Scotland reported to have over 40 children and 13 members of staff off sick when a vomiting bug hit the area, forcing it to close for a deep clean. Simple steps can be taken to prevent this sort of outbreak happening; be sure to have a strict cleaning schedule you and your staff stick to. If you’d like to talk to us about the best products needed for keeping your staff and pupils safe then we’d be happy to help.


3.Winter wear and tear. Wet and muddy weather can bring in a whole host of nasties into your work environment. Add grit and salt to the mix and you’ve got all the ingredients to ruin carpet and wooden floored areas. Extend the lifespan of expensive workspace flooring by planning a deep clean halfway through the year. Not only will this save you money in the long run, it’s a great way of preventing germs continue to spread.


Our top 3 products for a deep winter clean are:

Clover AX Bactericidal cleaner

Clover Bactericidal spray

Clover FoorIT  floor cleaner


Where will you be focussing your cleaning efforts during the Christmas break? Looking ahead to 2018, have you any goals or aims for your business? Perhaps you’d like to save money, or review your cleaning schedule? We can help review your cleaning products, supplies and disposables to ensure you’re getting the most effective solutions for the best price. Call us today on 01206 871872.