Autumn Cleaning

Autumn Cleaning



With the weather just turning, business owners have to work just that little bit harder to keep on top of workspace cleanliness. Wet weather creates a damp breeding ground for bacteria and mould which is an issue for both commercial and domestic settings. The addition of dirty footwear bringing in nasties to the office is coupled with a higher risk of colds and flu circulating – all bad news for office managers who will work tirelessly covering sick leave and juggling a rota. So, other than focussing on your daily cleaning schedule, which areas should you be keeping in mind for some extra attention and elbow grease? Here are our top areas you need to consider cleaning more regularly in the coming weeks.

Building entrances

Most business owners put their staff happiness first – this can mean keeping the office cool by keeping a window or door open, to let the fresh air in and reduce a stuffy atmosphere. In the autumn, this can become troublesome with leaves and debris finding their way into the entrance hall of your office or lobby area. If the air is still mild and you are keeping doors and windows open, make a special effort to keep entrances clean and tidy. Remember, first impressions count so any potential clients or partners visiting will take note of any mess.


As part of your entrance maintenance – leave a doormat for your staff and visitors to use. But remember to clean it! Mud and rotten leaves can get ingrained into the pile so ensure you keep on top of regularly shaking out and cleaning your doormat.

Light fixtures

The weather will soon be turning gloomy so now is the time to ensure all light fittings are dust-free and clean. Lights are a magnet for pesky creepy crawlies so vacuum away any dead bugs and dust before you wipe down carefully with a damp sponge.


Dirty windows can set a bad impression to visitors and can influence the productivity of staff. A clean window will let in the maximum amount of light and keep gloominess at bay. Review your cleaning schedule for windows to keep your workspace as light and bright as possible.

The air

If it’s cold, it’s easy to forget to open the windows to air the space effectively. Airborne bacteria circulate invisibly everyday so it important to open the windows at some point during the day to banish these nasties and to keep the breathing air as clean as possible for your staff. Air the office first thing in the morning and last thing at night if it’s very cold.

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