Autumn Food Packaging

Autumn Food Packaging




Are you a restaurant or café owner about to update your seasonal menu? Then you may want to take note of some of our popular food packaging solutions…

Let’s face it, summer is over and our appetite for salads and light bites is dwindling. The gradual decrease in temperature over the autumn months only adds fuel to our desire to eat warming, comforting food. If you’re reviewing your autumn menu then naturally, your food packaging options need to be updated too. If you run  popular destination for takeaway lunches then your food boxes and cartons should both be the correct volume for its contents and offer an element of insulation. This means your patrons can enjoy your hot lunch option without the risk of it going cold by the time they get back to their staff room. We’ve put together a selection of Maddison’s ‘staff favourite’ hot lunch ideas to get you in the autumn mood!

Jacket potatoes

Our oval shaped foam boxes are ideal for jacket potatoes. While some of us are loyal to the British favourite of grated cheese and baked beans – some of us are feeling more ‘spicy’ and love a Mexican filling. Why not try a fully loaded bean chilli with sour cream, guacamole and jalapeno peppers? That will certainly keep your customers’  tummies filled up and warm until dinner time.


A versatile soup menu is a crowd-pleasing option for diners who fancy something warming but light for their lunch. Our 16oz soup containers with corresponding lids are the natural choice for a soup-to-go.  Cream of tomato will always sell well but if you’re feeling adventurous why not offer a twist on a classic French onion soup, with an indulgent cheesy topped crouton for good measure? Now we’re feeling hungry…

Hot wraps

Wraps are a great way of offering a hearty meal but without the risk of the dreaded bread-bloat. Who wants a 3pm pre-lunch slump? We love a posh fish finger wrap with lemon mayo, meatballs and mozzarella and chipotle chicken and salsa. Depending on the size of your hot wrap you may want to try our rectangle foam boxes with a hinged lid or our Diner Pak foam boxes which have separate lids.

Flavoured coffee

In the leadup to Christmas, a popular coffee shop chain gets their fans in a frenzy, offering spiced pumpkin and toffee nut lattes. Why not follow suit by offering yummy coffee and hot chocolate with the addition of a flavoured syrup. Hazelnut hot chocolate and vanilla latte is a favourite of our in the office – use our popular Dart foam cups which will keep your drink hotter for longer and keep hands from getting burnt by hot contents. 

Have we got your tummy rumbling? If we’ve missed out your favourite autumn warmer then share with us on Facebook today!

From Kraft paper bags, to cake boxes and large platters, Maddison’s has every food packaging solution covered. Whether you need a few sandwiches boxes to accommodate a small number of customers or you need an extensive list of catering supplies for regular corporate lunches, we have everything you need in stock and ready for speedy delivery. Give us a call on 01206 871872.