How to Save money on Toilet Roll

How to Save money on Toilet Roll






As a business owner, you needn’t be flushing money down the toilet. It’s easy to get bogged down with the wide choice of paper and prices on offer – but in all seriousness, the issue of toilet roll is no laughing matter; earlier this year we saw travel giant British Airways stumped with a compensation bill of over £300,000 due to the absence of toilet roll on board their flight to Barbados, including other fundamental commodities. 


This expensive blunder is something we can all learn from, to ensure all aspects of customer service is delivered. If you read our ‘how to improve your washroom’ blog post last month, you’ll already be aware of the importance to maintaining high levels of hygiene and delivering a spotless record of service within your establishment.  This includes an abundant supply of toilet paper for your customers and visitors – if your washroom standards aren’t up to scratch, your patrons are unlikely to return. So, we’ve established the importance of toilet paper supply – how do you go about finding the best paper for you and at the best price? Here are our tips to save you money:


Buy in bulk

If you manage a small work environment like an office or shop, it can be tempting to buy supermarket toilet paper ad-hoc out of petty cash. While you may benefit from a short-term supply, this is not a cost-effective way to provide your staff with an essential product. We offer the best price for 2ply and 3ply standard rolls or if you have a dispenser, jumbo and mini jumbo rolls and bulk pack paper.


Choose higher quality

To strike a balance between cheaper 1 ply paper and more luxury 3 ply paper is trial and error and you may wish to try few rolls before you’ve established what’s right for your business and budget. Double ply, although more expensive, will go a lot further and in some cases, will mean you don’t need to buy as much.


Talk to us

We have been supplying toilet roll to local businesses for over 20 years, during this time we seen technologies advance and new products develop –  it’s safe to say we know our toilet paper!  If you think you could save money on your washroom essentials then pick up the phone and talk to our advisors – we regularly audit supplies and products for our customers, to ensure you’re getting the best quality and price. Perhaps you’ve been using the same paper for a while and want to ty something new? We’d be happy to talk you through the range we have on offer. To highlight the extensive range of high quality paper we have at Maddison’s, here is our top 5:


  1.  2 ply luxury standard rolls
  2. High quality 320m 2 ply jumbo roll
  3. Tork mini-jumbo 2 ply roll with attractive design
  4. 2 Ply Luxury Bulk Pack
  5. Coreless 2 ply system rolls


To discuss your toilet roll requirements, and other washroom supplies – call us today on 01206 871872. We look forward to hearing from you.