Improving your Washroom

Improving your Washroom




The perception of cleanliness is often one of the most crucial factors that affect a person’s opinion of your hotel, café or restaurant. Visitors of your establishment will often rate their overall experience with your washroom at the top of their critique list. You can deliver faultless service and provide the best dining experience but if your washroom isn’t up to scratch, patrons are unlikely to return.


With tight budgets and pressure to deliver a spotless record of good hygiene, we understand it’s a challenge to constantly maintain and improve your washroom facilities. There are some simple factors to note when looking at ways to improve your washroom area and toilet facilities, which we have outlined below:



Keeping on top of washroom hygiene by enforcing a daily cleaning regime and planned deep cleans is of paramount importance to maintain high standards. Ensuring your staff training is up to date is key to the execution of your cleaning regime.  We can assist you with a regular review of cleaning protocols and cost-effective solutions. If you’d like to speak to one of our cleaning experts click here


Hand drying

The hot air dryer vs paper towel war has waged for some time but we are firm believers that hand towels offer the most hygienic solution to hand drying within a washroom environment. An NHS study in 2013 found that 10 seconds of using a hot air dryer was associated with more bacteria on the hands than not using a dryer at all. Paper towel systems can reduce overall costs as well as decreasing the spread of bacteria within your establishment. We recommend these 2 ply white hand towels which dispense singly to avoid wastage.


Floor and walls

While tiles are the most popular choice for flooring and walls in a washroom, bacteria do tend to thrive in grout lines and cracks. Smooth plastic floor and wall solutions while are far easier to clean, but do create a slip hazard more serious than tiled surfaces. Whichever floor surface you have in your washroom, we supply the right cleaning product for these individual surfaces. We recommend  Floor IT as an all-round hard surface cleaner.



Bad smells can trigger negative emotions which if not remedied, can put people off visiting your restaurant or café ever again. Odours can be easy to fix but sometimes persistent pongs need to be eliminated at the root cause, rather than masking the smell. We are here to help you with odour killing solutions – our top 3 products to fight odour are:

  1. Lemon Channel Blocks
  2. Bloo Loo’s
  3. Lemon Floor Gel

We hope our points covering washroom improvements have been useful. Have you recently refurbished your washroom or are you planning to in the near future? Be sure to contact us regarding dispensers and a full cleaning products review. If you like this blog post please leave us a comment and share on Facebook.