Maddisons Summer Salads

Maddisons Summer Salads





With the colder months behind us, hearty dishes like soup and stew are firmly off the menu. The welcome change to a warmer climate boosts the demand for fresher, lighter dishes like salads, quiche and picnic finger foods.

When it comes to planning your summer takeaway lunch menu, you may find yourself ordering the same ingredients for 'crowd pleasing' dishes which follow the same format every year. If you sell salad boxes as part of your lunchtime offering, it might be time to shake things up a bit. Salad can be far more exciting than just iceberg lettuce! We've curated a list of our favourite salad dishes, perfectly served in a takeaway box of your choice, ready to eat alfresco on a sunny summer lunchtime.


Rainbow layer salad

Our clear takeaway boxes are the perfect container to serve a delicious, healthy salad which is a feast for the eyes, too. Layer up sliced tomato, grated carrot, sweetcorn, green leaves and red onion to create an eye pleasing rainbow effect.


Greek salad

A traditional salad which is the ideal accompaniment for cold meats and fish, a Greek salad will always be favourable to those with a Mediterranean taste in food. Serve feta cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, olives and don't forget a good glug of Greek extra virgin olive oil. Offer the dressing on the side in a small gourmet pot and lid. Serve with marinated feta for a more authentic Greek flavour.


Rice salad

Rice is high in carbohydrates which will appeal to those who need something more filling for their lunch. Basmati, wild and red rice served with fresh tomatoes, basil and roasted vegetables packs a punch of flavour and nutrition.  Don’t forget disposable cutlery and napkins for busy people on the go.


Protein salad

A popular choice for sporty, active customers - filling a leafy salad with wholesome protein like chicken breast, eggs and fish will keep their hunger at bay until dinner time. Add some crunch with carrot, radish and roasted nuts. Chargrill your meat for a more homemade touch. For a real boost in nutrition, serve with a super green smoothie in a takeaway cup.


Quiche and garden salad

Our larger takeaway salad boxes can easily accommodate a slice of delicious homemade quiche and a side of fresh, green leaves. Ensure there’s a vegetarian and meat option to ensure there’s a dish which will peak the interest of all your customers.


We hope we’ve tickled your taste buds with our top summer takeaway salad ideas, have we missed out your favourite salad, which is a hit with your customers? We’d love the recipe, please share and leave us a comment on our Facebook page.


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