The Big Clean

The Big Clean





The countdown to the summer holidays has started. With only a matter of weeks left, it’s time to deeply clean so all can start afresh in September. Much like staff and pupils readying themselves for the new academic year, janitors and caretakers must use this time to laser focus on the tasks that need to be done and ensure it’s completed within a tight timescale. The Big Clean needn’t be a nightmare, with our simple steps we make the task a dream…


Preparation is key

There’s nothing more motivating than creating a list of jobs to do, setting this groundwork is key to staying on track and not getting swamped with work. Make a list of the tasks that need doing in a timeline and compile a shopping list of new supplies needed for the beginning of the new term in September. When pupils are planning their new pencil case supplies, you should be thinking about what is needed in your store cupboard.


Time your window cleaning accordingly

Readying your spray, squeegee and bucket on a hot summers day? STOP! Direct sunlight on glass can make your cleaning solution dry quickly on the hot surface, rendering your glass cleaner ineffective. Choose a cooler, overcast day to clean your windows at the very end of term to prevent sticky fingers ruining your handiwork.


Clean stinky sinks

The long summers break gives sinks a time to dry and deodorize effectively. Ensure you leave thick bleach in your sink before you ‘shut up shop’ for the summer so you can return to a pleasant smell.


Focus on the forgotten areas

While carpets and large surfaces receive a lot of cleaning love each week, places like the tops of shelves, under tables and chairs often get neglected. Use this time to remove pesky chewing gum from under tables, dust shelves, books and behind radiators.


Move the big furniture

Teachers like to rearrange their classrooms ready for a new term so liaise with your colleagues and plan to a time thoroughly remove dust and debris when heavy pieces of furniture or fixtures are moved in to their new position. It’s shocking how much dirt and grime can accumulate behind furniture which is seldom moved! Vacuum areas well and wipe down skirting boards and walls before moving fixtures back.


Go shopping

Replace tired mops, brooms and buckets in July. There’s no better feeling than cleaning with brand spanking new equipment. Check your store cupboard itinerary and stock up on paper towels, toilet roll and bin liners. If you need a review then we’d be happy to help you compile your shopping list, ensuring you receive the best price across all supplies.

Have we missed out a ‘Big Clean’ job which is on your list? We’d love to hear your tips too, please share with us on Facebook today.