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Oven Cleaner 5Ltr

Oven cleaner. Quality chemicals made by Clover. Cleans grease, fat and charred food from ovens and grills. Perfect for soaking items. Sold in a 5Ltr container. COSHH Data Sheet. Safety Data Sheet.

£7.79 *

Clover Vanquish Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner (Qty 2x5Ltr)

Clover Vanquish heavy duty oven cleaner. Removes charred food, fats and grease off of a range of surfaces, such as; ovens, fryers, extraction hoods etc. Sold in a box of 2x5Ltr containers. COSHH Data Sheet. Safety Data Sheet.


£19.82 *

Big D Oven Aerosol Cleaner 300ml

Big D oven aerosol cleaner. 300ml Can. Fast and effective liquiaerosol cleaner. Quickly cuts through grease, dirt and grime. Perfect for a quick easy clean. Sold individually. COSHH Data Sheet.

£1.99 *

Scotch Brite Griddle Refill Pack

Scotch Brite griddle refill pack. Comes with 4 pasa and 8 screens. Quality griddle cleaning pads made by Scotch Brite. 

£8.99 *
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