Anti-Bac Cleaner & Sprays

Anti-Bac Cleaner & Sprays


A variety of anti-bacterial sprays available in various pack sizes for RTU and refills. In stock and great value.

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Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser (food Safe) C12 (5ltr)

Bactericidal cleaner, proven to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. This is a food safe product and can be used to clean food preperation surfaces. Comes in a 5ltr container. COSHH Data Sheet.

£6.75 *

Dettol Anti-Bac Trigger Sprays 500ml (Qty 6)

Dettol anti-bac trigger sprays, great for cleaning food surfaces in home kitchens or larger restaurant kitchens. No need to rinse. Box of 6 x 500ml trigger bottles. COSHH Data Sheet.

£11.85 *

New Clover Spray & Wipe Frangranced Bactercidal Cleaner (750ml)

Clover spray & Wipe Fragranced bactercidal Cleaner (750ml)

£2.39 *

New Clover Spray & Wipe Fragranced Batercidal Cleaner (6x750ml)

Clover Spray & Wipe Fragranced Batercidal Cleaner (6x750ml)

£14.36 *

Clover AX Ready To Use Bactercidal Cleaner (2X5ltr)

Clover AX is a ready to use fast-drying Bactercidal Cleaner, suitable to spray on and wipe off in the food industry. Designed for regular use on all surfaces to help maintaina a hygienic condition.

£16.98 *

Clover Foam Cleaner (5Ltr) Bactericidal Foaming Cleanser

Clover Foam Cleaner (5Ltr) Bactericidal Foaming Cleanser. A ready-to-use, spray on cleaner, degreaser and sanitiser.

£9.63 *
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