Disinfectant Liquid & Wipes

Disinfectant Liquid & Wipes


Maddisons UK stock various disinfectant sprays and wipes in an RTU formula. Great value and in stock available for next day delivery.


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Pine Disinfectant 5Ltr

Pine disinfectant, proven to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Multi purpose disenfectant for your catering outlet, used for bins, drains and floors. Comes in a 5ltr container. COSHH Data Sheet.

£2.45 *

Probe Wipes 13 x 13cm (100)

Probe wipes, 100 sheets, 13cm x 13cm. Hard surface wet wipes, packed in a resealable tub to ensure freshness. Suitable for use in medical, beauty and catering sectors. Tub of 100 wipes. COSHH Data Sheet.

£5.95 *

Tub of Bactercidal Wipes (500 Sheets)

Tub of bactercidal wipes. Good quality wipes made by Pal. Widely used in the food industry. As well as schools, nurseries etc. Great disenfectant wipes to clean surfaces or hands. Re-sealable tub, 500 wipes per tub. COSHH Data Sheet.

£20.99 *

New Clover Sink IT Sanitary Cleaner RTU (750ml)

A neutral, ready-to-use sanitary cleaner designed to clean and disinfect all surfaces throughout the washroom. Clover Sink IT Sanitary Cleaner RTU (750ml) COSHH Data Sheet. Safety Data Sheet.

£2.29 *

New Clover Sink IT Sanitary Cleaner RTU (6x750ml)

Clover Sink IT Sanitary Cleaner RTU (6x750ml)

£13.74 *

Clover AX Ready To Use Bactercidal Cleaner (2X5ltr)

Clover AX is a ready to use fast-drying Bactercidal Cleaner, suitable to spray on and wipe off in the food industry. Designed for regular use on all surfaces to help maintaina a hygienic condition.

£16.98 *
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