Cleaning Schedules





A visit from your Environmental Health Officer (or EHO) needn’t be a stressful time. Granted, an unexpected visit may cause ruffled feathers in the kitchen but if you are a business with an excellent track record for health and safety and general cleanliness then you should sail through your inspection unscathed. Your local council EHO has a list of criterion to check upon their visit, and these include:

  • Scrutinising your food safety management system
  • Details of the food safety training you and your staff have received
  • Cleaning standards in the premises
  • The condition of the structure and equipment
  • Where you buy your food and ingredients from
  • Storage conditions and temperature control
  • Personal hygiene of your staff


To stay in their good books, we recommend you enforce a strict cleaning schedule which you and your staff adhere to on a regular basis.


What is a cleaning schedule?

A cleaning schedule is simply a list of tasks which need to be actioned on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. A detailed schedule will highlight the cleaning product and equipment used for each task, the method of application and the frequency of use. Your cleaning schedule is a key tool for keeping on top of your kitchen workspace: as when each task is actioned, it is simply ticked off the list. This provides your EHO detailed evidence that your standards are being met – thus keeping them very happy!  


What are the key benefits of a cleaning schedule?

  • Helps to implement an effective cleaning regime.
  • Simplifies the training of kitchen staff.
  • Shows due diligence and awareness of HACCP.
  • Ensures compliance to Food Safety standard BS EN 22000.

At Maddison’s, we can help you create a cleaning schedule for your kitchen. No two businesses are the same, so we like to take a tailored approach to our planning. As part of our service, we can come to your business at a time which is convenient to you and help you plan out a bomb-proof cleaning schedule which will be easy to manage, enforce and action – making you and your local council EHO best friends!  We only stock the best cleaning products which make the task of keeping your kitchen a safe and enjoyable environment to work in easy.

Are you looking for help with a cleaning schedule for your commercial kitchen? We would love to help, our team of cleaning experts are ready to take your call. Contact us today and we’ll get a date in the diary to plan out a smart schedule which works for you and your staff. Our number is 01206 871872.