Ultra Dose




Ultra Dose is a safe, easy to use and unbeatable cost in use solution that works well in almost any type of establishment.  It does not require connection to a mains supply, so ruling out any water pressure issues commonly found in 'plumbed in' solutions.

When assembled the compact Ultra Dose unit holds up to 4 x 2 Litre bottles which each accurately dispense 10ml of concentrated product.

Dosage rates are displayed clearly on the colour coded back board and are dosed into water filled buckets or trigger sprays to provide accurate and correct dosage rates for optimum performance for each product.


System Components

  2 Products 4 Products
Colour-coded system board
The customised board identifies the chosen Ultra Dose products and indicates their individual dosage rates for trigger bottles and buckets. The board is fixed securely to the wall by double-sided adhesive pads attached to the reverse side.
Stainless steel wall bracket
Chemical resistant and easy to screw into place, the wall bracket is available in two sizes, to fit either two or four bottles. 
Dosing pumps
The durable pumps have a long reach neck to ensure easier and safer dosage into trigger bottles and buckets. 
Labels for trigger bottles
Ten labels are provided for each chosen product, to make trigger bottles of the diluted product easily identifiable.