Maddisons UK stock a range of dishcloths from stockinette roll to sponge pads. For all your cleaning needs, in stock and available now.

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Cotton Dishcloths 37x38cm (Qty 10)

Cotton dishcloths 37 x 38cm. Perfect for a wide variety of cleaning needs. Suitable for offices, school kitchens and many other catering establishments. Wholesale catering supplies. Sold in a pack of 10.
£8.13 *

Swift Wiping Cloths (Qty 10)

Swift wiping cloths. These cloths are for multi purpose use. Very absorbent. Perfect for household or commercial cleaning. Can be used on wet or dry surfaces. Quality wholesale cleaning product. Sold in a pack of 10.

£2.39 *

Sponge Cloths Assorted Colours (Qty 10)

Sponge cloths assorted colours. Washable cloths that are suitable for a range of cleaning in either kitchens or washrooms. Very absorbent. Sold in a pack of 10.
£3.77 *

Stockinette Roll 800g

Stockinette roll, each roll is 800g. Perfect for cleaning around the home, office, factory or warehouse. Simply unroll and cut to desired length. Sold individually.

£5.05 *

Cotton Bleached Dishcloths 40x30cm (10)

Cotton Bleached Dishcloths 40x30cm (10) White cotton dishcloths with a blue trim.

£4.19 *

Coloured Stockinette Rolls Green (20)

Coloured Stockinette rolls Green (20)

£87.58 *

Coloured Stockinette Rolls Blue (20)

Coloured Stockinette rolls Blue (20)

£87.58 *

Coloured Stockinette Rolls Yellow (20)

Coloured Stockinette rolls Yellow (20)

£87.58 *

Coloured Stockinette Rolls Yellow (1)

Coloured Stockinette rolls Yellow (1)

£3.99 *
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