In addition to our wholesale, catering, disposable, supplies, Maddison’s also supply a wide range of workwear products throughout the UK, including the following;

·         EN471 and GO/RT 3279 compliant hi-visibility workwear garments

·         Wet weather and outer-wear

·         General and corporate workwear

·         Protective footwear, from food safe wellington boots or work boots.

·         Protective gloves, from rigger gloves to Kevlar cut resistant gloves

·         Overalls and coveralls

·         Ear plugs, safety goggles and face masks.

·         Colour coded disposable workwear products.


All of these products can be viewed in further detail in our separate ‘workwear’ brochure, where you will find women and men’s workwear accessories and clothing.  We really do have all your workplace supplies covered!


 If you have any queries or would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales advisors on 01206 871872 or



Coveralls_-_Overalls_-_Coloured_-_Workwear_-_Supplies_-_Maddisons_-_Essex_-_Suffolk_-_UK    Dust_Mask_-_Face_Mask_-_Wholesale_-_Workwear_-_Supplies_-_Maddisons_-_Essex_-_Suffolk_-_UK            Ear_Plugs_-_Moldex_-_Corded_-_Uncorded_-_Wholesale_-_Workwear_-_PPE_-_Maddisons_-_Essex_-_Suffolk_-_UK           Food_X_Boots_-_Food_Safe_-_Footwear_-_Industrial_-_Supplies_-_Workwear_-_Maddisons_-_Essex_-_Suffolk_-_UK

Gloves_-_Workwear_Gloves_-_Heavy_Duty_-_Industrial_-_Supplies_-_Wholesale_-_Maddisons_-_Essex_-_Suffolk_-_UK      Work_Boots_-_Maddisons_-_Workwear_-_Protective_Footwear_-_Wholesale_-_Colchester_-_Essex_-_Suffolk_-_UK     Overalls_-_Coveralls_-_Maddisons_-_Essex_-_Suffolk_-_UK_-_Wholesale_-_Industrial          Overshoes_-_Footwear_-_Maddisons_-_Essex_-_Suffolk_-_Workwear_-_Supplies_-_UK


Rigger_Gloves_-_Hand_Protection_-_Workwear_-_Supplies_-_Wholesale_-_Maddisons_-_Essex_-_Suffolk_-_UK       Safety_Goggles_-_Wholesale_-_Workwear_-_Supplies_-_Industrial_-_Essex_-_Suffolk-_UK           Work_Boots_-_Maddisons_-_Workwear_-_Protective_Footwear_-_Wholesale_-_Essex_-_Suffolk_-_UK     High_Vis_Jacket_-_Coat_-_Workwear_-_Supplies_-_Industrial_-_Essex_-_Suffolk_-_UK





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A wide range of disposable gloves, including rubber gloves, cotton gloves, nitrile gloves, latex gloves, vinyl gloves and powder free disposable vinyl gloves.

Headware & Aprons

Headware & Aprons


From mob caps to snood caps and forage hats, Maddisons have a wide range of disposable headwear to suit catering, restaurants, food manufacturers and factories ensuring health and safety needs are met for all employees.