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  • Catering Supplies and Janitorial Products
  • FREE Delivery for orders over £65 (UK Mainland)
  • Catering Supplies and Janitorial Products

A range of cocktail umbrellas, cocktail stirrers, cocktail sticks, shot glasses, drinking straws, spoon straws, paper coasters, sparkling palms & sandwich flags.

Wholesale Tea and Coffee supplies, filter Coffee, vending Sugar, vending ingredients; cappuccino, hot chocolate. Milk pots, sugar sticks and wrapped biscuits.

We stock a varied range of Centrefeed. Blue Rolls and White Rolls, Embossed Centrefeed and Economy Blue Roll and Mini Centrefeed. Available both 1ply and 2ply.

We stock a wide range of catering cling film, baking parchment paper and tin foil or catering aluminium.

Clear Plastic, White Plastic, Wooden Cutlery. Plastic or Wooden Chip forks, spoons and stirrers.

Dusters, microfibre cloths, j cloths, sponge scourers, metal scourers, dishcloths and tea towels.

Polystyrene/paper tea and coffee cups, plastic wine and pint glasses, water cups, smoothie cups and shot glasses.

Dishwash detergents, catering washing up and dishwasher liquid, dishwash tablets, rinse aid, glasswasher & beerline cleaner.

Disposable gloves, including rubber gloves, cotton gloves, nitrile gloves, latex gloves, vinyl gloves and powder free disposable vinyl gloves.

Disposable Aprons, polythene aprons on a roll in blue and white. Paper Chef hats, Mob Caps, Forage Hats and Hair Nets.

Plain labels, individual day labels, sets of day labels and also a dispenser with stickers.

Restaurant Order Pads, single, duplicate order pads and NCR pads. Thermal till rolls, card machine rolls.

Disposable paper plates and polystyrene plates. Strong paper plates, the chinet plates & bowls range.

Banquet Roll, paper doilies & paper table covers. A wide range of tableware available.

Wide range of Cocktail napkins, luncheon napkins and dinner napkins. For bars, restaurants, cafés and tea rooms.