How to save money this Christmas

How to save money this Christmas




It may seem ridiculous to even be mentioning Christmas this time of year but the festive season is fast approaching so businesses should taking the time now to plan their budget for the expensive winter months ahead.

If you are a restaurant or hotel owner offering a Christmas party package then now is the time to plan your festive menu, to liaise with your food suppliers to secure the best deal. While the fayre on offer will be the most integral part of your party – don’t overlook key festive decorations like candles, napkins and of course, crackers.

The quality of Christmas crackers are often scrutinised by patrons, comparing the calibre of the cracker to the overall experience within your establishment. The hat, joke and novelty present are key factors of scrutiny, including the overall appearance and feel of the cracker itself. With this in mind, we recommend you don’t leave ordering crackers until the last minute – buying crackers in December will leave you with a narrower choice and you’ll miss out on early bird offers – more about that later!

As Christmas is our favourite time of year – we thought we’d list some facts about crackers, to get you in the festive mood:

  • The Christmas cracker dates back to 1846, where Thomas Smith was inspired following a trip to France were he saw sugared almonds wrapped in tissue paper, twisted at both ends.
  • These were called bon-bons.
  • Thomas Smith was inspired by his crackling fire to add the snapping device to his crackers – which gave them the name.
  • When Thomas died his two sons took over the business. A coloured paper hat was added to the cracker in 1900 and by the end of the 1930’s jokes or limericks we part of the offering.


Whether you’ve chosen a more contemporary metallic colour theme for your Christmas party or sticking with traditional red and green – we have all the crackers you need this Christmas, at the lowest price around.

Here are our top 5 Maddison’s Christmas crackers – if you order before November you receive a whopping 20% off:

  1. 12” cream and gold brocade design cracker
  2. 10” red and green cracker
  3. 11” gold and cream star design cracker
  4. 12” plain metallic gold cracker
  5. 10” noel design cream, red and green cracker

If you’re looking for something just a little bit special – perhaps for your luxury corporate Christmas event then feast your eyes on our luxury range HERE

To talk to one of our Christmas cracker experts – give us a call on 01206 871872